We celebrate that advertising is approaching its next golden age and becoming what consumers want it to be... We immerse ourselves in the boundless creative opportunities that lie in front of us to create ever-evolving story universes capable of engaging passionate communities of fans.
RedMagmaMedia represents new directors

Fabio Soares For Fabio, directing is connecting people, technologies and ideas. His life project is to entertain, whether it is with music, moving pictures or any other forms of art. Media doesn’t matter: What really matter is the story. Storytelling has to be using any platforms. The formula: create great characters...
We recognize the inherently migratory behavior of today's user who are ready to be engaged, and willing to go wherever they can find a story they want to be part of.
We shoot TV spots, create concepts, produce content video, design media, develop applications and use the unlimited power of the collective intelligence to engage large communities of telling stories so powerful that they cannot be constrained in a single medium. We balance brand messaging with entertainment values and generate rules of engagement to spark the co-creation precess with the fans.
As creative producers we investigate new business models in the ever-changing media landscape, as well as the behavior of the communities of fans by developing original media. To feed them we produce spreadable, embeddable, bloggable, twittable and sharable content. Over a hundred thousand fans are actively engaged in groups and fan pages related to our platforms and web series.
Transmedia Storytelling is a synergistic and hypertextual narrative that is focused in creating worlds in which many macro-stories and many great characters can live together. Worlds in which stories created by the brands can live together with the fantasies of the users. Worlds in which the main franchise is surrounded by many paratextual contents such as back stories, flash backs, parallel, peripheral and interstitial stories.
Transmedia projects make every platform do what each one does best and uniquely to deliver convergent but different pieces of the puzzle. They use the collective intelligence to create, refine and select revolutionary concepts.
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We use the collective creativity of producers, directors, designers, developers, animators and social technology specialists to tell powerful stories across all conceivable platforms: TV spots, short and long-form series, online games, social media applications, comic books, documentaries, streaming video, vlogs, events, etc.
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The traditional advertising tactics of "launch-and-leave" a campaign are over. Transmedia stories are "always-on" because they are continuously shaped by the fans, minute by minute. This requires the creation of immediate response strategies, the understanding of the specific culture of each community and the implementation of powerful rules of engagement. These projects are based on transmedia narratives.
MaximuMotion Control, Phantom/Photosonics, Helicopters, Ultralight Planes, Underwater Cameras, Learjet, Animatronics, Wescam, Russian Arm, R1 Carbon Fiber Arm.
USA. Canada. Mexico. Bahamas. Dominican Republic. Guatemala. Honduras. El Salvador. Nicaragua. Costa Rica. Colombia. Peru. Argentina. Brazil. Uruguay. Italy. Spain. Portugal. France. UK. Norway. Switzerland. Belgium. Germany. Turkey. Morocco. South Africa. Hungry. Thailand. India. Australia. New Zealand.
California. Utah. Texas. Georgia. Florida. Illinois. Indiana. Missouri.
We invited over a hundred students to participate in several events in Miami and Los Angeles and creative stories collectively. The best ones were transformed into 3 Yaris TV commercials produced using GCI. The live events were recorded on video, generating over 120 hours of material. We edited dozens of webisodes that were offered to th...
"Ready for the Big Chill", is an ARG that, during a period on 23 days, tells in real time the story of Magda, a vulcanologist studying a supposedly dormant volcano in Peru, deliberately blurring the line between reality and fiction. It disseminates over 550 pieces of the story on original videoblogs and websites as well as on several soc...
In the commercials, tourists returning from Mexico chat about their trips with drivers from car services who are taking them home. The drivers were, of course, part of the campaign, as were the town cars equipped with hidden cameras that filmed the rides from airports in markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Mont...