People are of course the most important resource for a production. The World offers an incredible range of talented people with great varieties of expertise and knowledge. Artists, hand-craftsmen, artisans and virtuosos in the most unexpected forms of visual expression are available if you can find them. In Spain there are extraordinary specialists in the construction of sets with stone or marble finishing. It is probably due to the many movies shot in Spain in the 50’s and 60’s, like Doctor Zhivago, or the remnants of the Roman Empire, that created strong traditions in this field. In Italy there are some of the best costume designers of the film industry, obviously because of the centuries old tradition in designing costumes for theater and opera that have evolved into one of the best fashion industries in the World. Canada is the place where some of the best animators live while the most experienced cable specialists are based in Hong Kong, the best scale model ship builders are based in Malta, etc. The list is endless: the possibilities are as many as the challenges that projects can pose to the producers.
Improving the creative quality of a production is an exercise of alchemy: putting together the most heterogeneous ingredients to achieve a magic combination.

March 17th, 2011