The Director’s Attitude: The museum or Starbucks

We produced commercials in every corner of the globe with directors who enjoy, as we do, every moment of the experience of shooting in a different country. They discover new textures and colors, the appreciate the talent of local crews, they understand perfectly well how to take full advantages of the possibilities offered to them by shooting in say, New Zealand, Scotland, Italy, India, the Dominican Republic, or any place on Earth. When a European or American director lands for the first time in Mexico and immediately asks if the Anthropology Museum is open during the weekend, I know that everything is going to be fine. If he or she asks where the closest Starbucks is, or, and this is even worse, if the tap water is drinkable, I become very worried. When we partner with new directors we make sure they belong to a category of people who are interested in, among other things, the Anthropology Museum, and not about the tap water.


March 17th, 2011