Pierre Morel with RedMagmaMedia

RedMagmaMedia represents in the US the French director Pierre Morel.Time magazine ranked his first feature film as a director, the 2006 action flick “District B13″, among the “10 Best movies” of the year, adding that Pierre Morel has “effectively reinvented the action genre”. 3 years later, in 2009, his film “Taken”, staring Liam Neeson, became the runaway hit of the year, making $300 million at the box office. He followed this in 2010 with the action thriller “From Paris with Love”, staring John Travolta. All 3 films produced by Luc Besson. Before he began directing, and no less impressive, Pierre was the cinematographer for such action staples as “The Transporter”, and “War”.His incredible talent for fast paced storytelling, as well as his technical prowess for action sequences, stunts, car chases, and the art and science of film-making, make him an unbelievable resource in the world of commercials, as well as digital and new media projects.

June 9th, 2011