The Mexico Taxi Project

RedMagmaMedia has produced the “Mexico Taxi Project,” a series of commercials for the Mexico’s Tourism Board and inspired by the HBO reality series, Taxicab Confessions. In the commercials, unsuspecting real tourists, returning from their vacations in Mexico, give unscripted testimonials about their trips talking to limousine drivers who are driving them home from the airport. The drivers were, of course, actors, and the Towncars were equipped with hidden cameras that filmed the entire rides.

Candidates for the commercials were identified at Mexican airports (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos). A team of “screener” at the terminals looked for tourists scheduled to take a specific flight to the US and willing to participate in a faked video-recorded survey about a tequila brand.

The videos were transmitted to the team of RedMagmaMedia waiting at the destination airports. Based on the videos and some additional information sent by the team in Mexico, the director selected the unsuspecting heroes of the commercials. Once the selection was made, the name of the selected tourists was sent back to the team in Mexico that would give the selected tourists a voucher for a free rides home in limos when they arrived in the US.

A special limo with 4 hidden cameras and mikes was waiting at the airports in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal and Vancouver, During the drive the actor/driver asked the tourists questions about their vacation and the entire conversation was recorded.

When the limos arrived at the participants’ homes the director let them know that they had been recorded and gave them the option to delete the recording or sign a release document. Out of more than 20 rides, only one couple of participants opted out of the project.

August 16th, 2012