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RedMagmaMedia represents new directors

Fabio Soares For Fabio, directing is connecting people, technologies and ideas. His life project is to entertain, whether it is with music, moving pictures or any other forms of art. Media doesn’t matter: What really matter is the story. Storytelling has to be using any platforms. The formula: create great characters and plots and the emotion will pop up. In 2004, he was selected for the Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Director’s Showcase in Cannes, and since then he has worked … Continue reading

January 21st, 2013

RedMagmaMedia represents Paulo Vainer

RedMagmaMedia represents the director, photographer and multimedia artist Paulo Vainer in the US and Mexico. Paulo has worked in New York with Steve Bronstein and Andreas Heiniger and at Editora Abril (the main media group from Brazil). In 1990 opened his own studio and became one of the main fashion and advertising photographer in the country. In 1991, as a director of photography, Paulo has worked with some of the most important personalities of national cinema such as Ricardo Van Steen, Walter … Continue reading

January 19th, 2013

RedMagmaMedia represents Rafa Cortes

RedMagmaMedia represents the director Rafa Cortes in the US. Rafa’s first feature film “Yo” (Me) has received numerous awards, among them the Revelation of the Year Award at the Cannes Film Festival, the FIPRESCI at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam and the Gran Prix at the Annecy Bienial. He has also shot commercials for brands as IKEA, McDonald’s, PlayStation and PhotoEspaña.

November 6th, 2012

RedMagmaMedia represents Cristina Molino in the US and Mexico

Born in Madrid (Spain) Cristina Molino studied Audiovisual Communication and Cinematography at Madrid´s Film School. After several projects as a Cinematographer, she begun directing. ¿Te vas? (Are you leaving?) was the first short film that she directed. Soon after she directed her second short film, Retorno (Return) and recently her third, Nada (Nothing). She has received several awards for her work as director as: Locarno Film Festival, Special Mention of the Youth Jury (Switzerland, 2009); Best Director Award, Cineculpable Film … Continue reading

October 28th, 2012

Mexico Taxi Project. A case study

The challenge for reality based projects is telling large stories. Really unique and compelling stories that everyone can feel emotionally a part of. Stories that are immersed and then soaked in real life and that will hold the viewers as participants of them. These type of commercials rely on the uncompromising and inflexible quest for credibility and realism: The testimonials, the reactions, the attitudes and the feelings of the participants have to be and look real, sincere and candid. In … Continue reading

October 28th, 2012

The Cathedral

Stories have been told for centuries using words, numbers, sound, images and stones. I include “stones” in the list because, for millenia, they have conveyed incredibly powerful stories. The Hadrian Wall, built in northern England by the Romans around AD 122, for instance, was able to tell a very compelling story. In this case the essence of the narrative was: “We, the Romans, are powerful and we are here to stay.” This narrative was completely unidirectional and didn’t mean to … Continue reading

August 16th, 2012
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